From buildings to graphics to furniture, David Bradshaw's passion is quality design at all scales. The core of all projects involves a balance between natural and built environments as well as creativity and clarity in representation.

As captain of the men's water polo team and an AIAS mentor, David Bradshaw is an active leader at Carnegie Mellon. Off campus, he has held jobs SmithGroup and Ateliers Jean Nouvel, giving him invaluable professional experience.




T-USA: +1 248 892 9300 
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David Bradshaw is a student in Carnegie Mellon University’s School of Architecture. Having studied  in both the US and the Middle East, David has developed invaluable personal experience and skills. These attributes are driving forces behind his desire to join a diverse team working on projects of international significance.

David Bradshaw
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T-USA: +1 248 892 9300
T-Qatar: +974 302 309 53

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